“The Importance of Planning and Preparation in Knitting and Crocheting”

Knitting and crocheting are two hobbies that allow you to create beautiful handmade garments using needles and yarn. If you’ve ever looked at handmade clothing in specialized magazines or online and thought “I want to do that too!”, it’s important to consider a few key questions before diving into a project. These questions include: is this garment right for me? What yarn should I use? What color should I make it? What if I used a different stitch?

If you decide to knit or crochet a garment in the future, be sure to carefully consider the choice of pattern, stitch, yarn, color, and type of needles or crochet hook you use. These elements, when harmoniously combined, are the key to the success of your work.

Common Questions for Knitting and Crocheting:

  1. What pattern? Before deciding to make a pattern, take a good look at it. Are you sure it’s right for you? Don’t just choose it because it looks good on the model, but try to imagine it on yourself. Do you still love it as much? If you think the shape and style suit you, then yes, you can decide to make this garment and move on to step 2.
  2. What for? Even if you’ve seen a pattern that is out of this world and you think it will look good on you, it may happen that the stitch with which it is worked you don’t know how to do. Don’t give up the idea and try to do it with a stitch that you know works best for you. You will feel more confident when knitting and satisfied with the work. When choosing the stitch, keep in mind that:
  • Lacy stitches are best suited for making shawls, scarves, casacchine, mid-season sweaters, sheath dresses
  • Solid stitches are better suited for working winter sweaters, skirts, scarves, ponchos, hats
  • Puffed stitches puff up
  • Knits with vertical lines
  • Ribbed stitches wear out
  • Horizontal stripe stitches shorten and widen (so you can do it, but don’t say I didn’t warn you).
  • What yarn? You’ve chosen the pattern and the stitch. Now it’s time to choose the yarn that will suit both the gauge and the pattern. There are so many varieties of yarn on the market that you can’t even imagine. It’s up to you to decide what suits you, or even choose from what you have at home. However, don’t forget that by not using the yarn recommended to redo this particular project, the work will be significantly different while still being the same pattern. However, the difference between one yarn and another is there and the yield will be different. However, in principle, you choose:
  • a fine yarn (Lace, Fingerling, Cobweb, Lace) for very fine work, such as lace doilies, shawls, scarves, summer tops
  • a medium yarn (Sport, Baby, DK, Light Worsted) for medium work, such as cardigans, blouses, shawls, scarves
  • a thick yarn (Worsted, Aran, Chunky) for thick work, such as winter sweaters, jackets, vests, hats
  • What color? Once you have chosen the pattern, the stitch and the yarn, it’s time to choose the color. Here, too, you have a wide range of possibilities. You can choose from the colors recommended in the pattern, or you can use your imagination and create your own color combinations. Just be aware that the final result may be different from what you expected, especially if you are using a different yarn than the one recommended in the pattern.
  • What needles or crochet hook? The last question to ask yourself is what needles or crochet hook to use. The choice of needles or crochet hook will depend on the yarn you have chosen and the gauge of your work. In general, you should use the needles or crochet hook recommended in the pattern, but if you want to experiment with different sizes, you can do so. Just be aware that the final result may be different from what you expected, especially if you are using a different yarn than the one recommended in the pattern.
  • By asking yourself these questions before starting a knitting or crocheting project, you’ll be better prepared to succeed and enjoy the process. Happy crafting!

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